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Our grandson Jake is spending the summer with …

Our grandson Jake is spending the summer with us and I was going to wash the bed sheets when I found this picture under his pillow along with a bunch of sticky kleenex paper.
I have no idea where he found this, but I wonder if he would still have jerk off to this picture if he knew it’s a 40 year old picture of me, his grandmother.

I looked through some old pictures we had in a…

I looked through some old pictures we had in a box in the attic. When I saw this first picture that I did not know my husband had of me, I had to run down the stairs and check my phone.
I can not believe that the picture my son made me pose for last night was almost identical to what his father made me do almost 20 years ago.

It’s almost fate. Now I have a picture of me that night we got so horny that we for the first time forgot the condom, and my son was conceived. And I have a nearly identical picture of me when I got so horny that i let my son come inside me without a condom for the first time.

Every Wednesday afternoon while my husband is …

Every Wednesday afternoon while my husband is at work I drive over to my brother to fuck, we have been doing it since we were teenagers. For three hours we fuck like crazy while his wife is at work and his son are at soccer practice.
But this Wednesday thing did not go as planned, I froze when I suddenly heard: “-Dad? Oh my god, Aunt Sally?” behind me.
His father, without pulling out, asked why in hell he was home so early. He quickly replied that the coach was sick, but his concern was what the hell his father and his aunt were doing?
I was ready to jump off and put on my clothes when my brother grabbed my hips, held me down and suddenly said “-Jake, you know the fantasy you told me about? Now is your chance, if you promise not to tell your mother about this!”
What the hell was he talking about? And suddenly I got a cock in my face. My nephew was naked, it took no more than a few seconds, and he was standing there naked with his cock in my face.
I looked shocked at my brother, he looked at me and nodded like: “Do this and he won’t tell his mother.”
In fear of the family knowing that I fucked my brother, I opened my mouth for my nephew’s cock.
This was actually my first threesome. Well, technically, it was not a lot of a threesome, my brother just lay there quietly, watching his sister sucked his son, and I had more than enough to concentrate on my nephew’s cock.
I actually think this was one of my nephew’s fantasy’s, after no more than 3 minutes he exploded in my mouth. It came so surprising to me that I actually swallowed most of it.
He pulled out, used his t-shirt to wipe off his cock, and he went to the bathroom.
I had almost forgotten that I was still sitting on my brother and still had his cock inside me. I actually think he liked some of what he had just witnessed, for his cock was hard as a rock inside me.
When most of the shock had subsided, I discovered that the thought of what just happened made me super horny. I who was ready to jump off and get dressed, slowly began to move up and down on my brother’s cock again.
I looked at my brother, “-Is it really true that one of my nephew’s fantasies, which just got us out of trouble was a blowjob from his aunt?”
“-Eh, No!”
I stopped, “-What do you mean? He just came in my mouth and he……. Aaaaaaiiiiiiiaiai!” I screamed surprised when something suddenly slowly was pushed against my asshole.
I looked behind me and there was my nephew, pressing his oily cock into my ass. It turned out that he had just gone to the bathroom to get the massage oil.
I shook my head, “-No! Not this! This is wrong! I can not do this!
My brother grabbed my head, ”-You don’t want anyone to know about us, do you? If you really don’t want to do this, I’ll stop him and throw him out, but then we have to face the consequences when he tells his mother! I expect he’s finished in ten minutes, max!”

“-This was wrong! How could I! How could my brother allow …..? Ten minutes max, hmfr!” I muttered to myself in the car on my way home three hours later, with a sore ass, with sperm dripping out of both my pussy and ass, and from my chin, I now discovered in the rearview mirror.
I received a text from my nephew the same evening “I promise not to tell.”
I was angry with them for a while, he simply used me and my brother had allowed it. And then I came to think that my brother was probably as nervous as me for Jake to tell his mother.
I started thinking more and more about what happened that evening. I had my first threesome at the age of 45, and my own nephew was actually my first anal experience.

Next Wednesday when I was on my way to my brother’s house, I actually hoped that my nephew was home too.

To all brothers and sisters, and cousins out t…

To all brothers and sisters, and cousins out there. You might think this is just a little innocent fun. 

But believe me, this is just the start of something beautiful.

I never forget that night I woke up from a rea…

I never forget that night I woke up from a really wet dream with my son between my legs, already inside me.
I was so horny that I decided to let him finish.
He was so good that I actually got a powerful orgasm as he filled me with his hot cum.
He then pulled out and jumped back to his own bed. Maybe my own fault when I sleep naked even if I share a room with my teenage son. The next morning he behaved like everything was normal. I began to think maybe I dreamed it, but the sperm that still flowed out of me the next morning indicated that I was not dreaming it.
I actually think he was sleepwalking that night, so I decided not to mention anything to him.

“Oh my god, what is she doing? What if m…

“Oh my god, what is she doing? What if my wife comes in? Oh, it feels good!”
Suddenly I heard my wife from the kitchen:
– Josh!
– Eh, yes dear?
– We are out of milk so I run down to the store, back in ten minutes. Breakfast is ready when I return!
– Okay dear!

After breakfast I told my wife that I might have overreacted yesterday, it’s fine for me that her sister lives here for a couple of weeks while looking for a new apartment.

Finally we have arrived at the hotel where thi…

Finally we have arrived at the hotel where this year’s family reunion will be.
These are my cousins, I’m the only boy of 8 cousins.
I could hardly wait for this weekend. Let me just say that it was an advantage to be the only rooster in the chicken house when we played truth or dare in the hotel room last year while our parents were down at the after-party disco.
And this year, we are all old enough to drink.

It’s summer time, it’s vacation ti…

It’s summer time, it’s vacation time, it’s summer vacation with my hot cousin time!

Me and my cousin were arguing about who had gr…

Me and my cousin were arguing about who had grown the most since last summer. We did not agree so my cousin asked his older sister to judge. I was really shocked that he asked his sister about this. But I must say she took the task seriously and she inspected them really thoroughly and long before she concluded that they were the same length, but mine was a bit thicker.
I think this did something to her, she began to ask if any of us had ever been with a girl before, if we had touched a breast before, and if we had seen a pussy before.
She taught us a lot that summer.

– Are you sure about this dear?- The poor boy …

– Are you sure about this dear?
– The poor boy is 25 years old and still a virgin! He should not miss out on such things because your sister and her cult husband are in this religious thing. It’s bad parenting!
– Yes, but am I the right person to ..?
– Who is better suited to teaching him such things than his dear aunt! You don’t mind that, do you, Jake?
– No, of course not uncle Mike! Can I put it in there now?
– See, he’s a game!
– Okay okay, calm down Jake, we have all night!
– That’s my girl! You teach him the basics while I take a shower! Then I’ll pick up some beer from the fridge and I join you two, and I teach him how to make his aunt scream!