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Every time our nephew is babysitting, I leave …

Every time our nephew is babysitting, I leave the party a while before my husband. I like to pay him in my own way before I send him home.

-Are you serious? your mother does not help yo…

-Are you serious? your mother does not help you when you take a bath anymore? Don’t you worry Tommy, aunt Jane is going to help you make sure you’re clean and fresh every day while you’re here this summer! Just don’t tell your uncle, ok?

I have never liked these common showers at the…

I have never liked these common showers at these camping places, not before my aunt got into one while I used it.
I have to admit that I may have been a bit fascinated and maybe staring for a while. I snapped out of it when she said, “-I see someone have grown since I babysit you!”
I looked down and discovered, I think my biggest erection ever.
She walked past me on her way out, tapped her finger on the tip of my penis,    “-You should go to one of the toilet stalls and get rid of this before anyone sees you!”
I just nodded nervously and started walking towards the toilets.
“Hey, maybe this will help you finish faster!” She took my hand, placed my index finger between her thighs, and she rubbed my finger a few times back and forth between her lips. She then brought my finger up to my nose and told me to smell. OMG, my finger was warm, it was sticky and it smelled heavenly. Oh god, this was the first time I smelled a pussy.
I was ready to explode, and I would have, had it not been for that we heard someone come in. I ran into the toilet and I came before I could get some paper. So I had to shower again, but I did not wash my hand, I smelled my finger in the bed in the cabin all night. I behaved nervously and strangely around my aunt the next few days, and I showered every night hoping she would take a shower too. And one evening after she and my mother had shared a bottle of wine ,, she did.
After that night I acted more relaxed around my aunt, I even began to join her on her morning swim before breakfast.

Every Wednesday afternoon while my husband is …

Every Wednesday afternoon while my husband is at work I drive over to my brother to fuck, we have been doing it since we were teenagers. For three hours we fuck like crazy while his wife is at work and his son are at soccer practice.
But this Wednesday thing did not go as planned, I froze when I suddenly heard: “-Dad? Oh my god, Aunt Sally?” behind me.
His father, without pulling out, asked why in hell he was home so early. He quickly replied that the coach was sick, but his concern was what the hell his father and his aunt were doing?
I was ready to jump off and put on my clothes when my brother grabbed my hips, held me down and suddenly said “-Jake, you know the fantasy you told me about? Now is your chance, if you promise not to tell your mother about this!”
What the hell was he talking about? And suddenly I got a cock in my face. My nephew was naked, it took no more than a few seconds, and he was standing there naked with his cock in my face.
I looked shocked at my brother, he looked at me and nodded like: “Do this and he won’t tell his mother.”
In fear of the family knowing that I fucked my brother, I opened my mouth for my nephew’s cock.
This was actually my first threesome. Well, technically, it was not a lot of a threesome, my brother just lay there quietly, watching his sister sucked his son, and I had more than enough to concentrate on my nephew’s cock.
I actually think this was one of my nephew’s fantasy’s, after no more than 3 minutes he exploded in my mouth. It came so surprising to me that I actually swallowed most of it.
He pulled out, used his t-shirt to wipe off his cock, and he went to the bathroom.
I had almost forgotten that I was still sitting on my brother and still had his cock inside me. I actually think he liked some of what he had just witnessed, for his cock was hard as a rock inside me.
When most of the shock had subsided, I discovered that the thought of what just happened made me super horny. I who was ready to jump off and get dressed, slowly began to move up and down on my brother’s cock again.
I looked at my brother, “-Is it really true that one of my nephew’s fantasies, which just got us out of trouble was a blowjob from his aunt?”
“-Eh, No!”
I stopped, “-What do you mean? He just came in my mouth and he……. Aaaaaaiiiiiiiaiai!” I screamed surprised when something suddenly slowly was pushed against my asshole.
I looked behind me and there was my nephew, pressing his oily cock into my ass. It turned out that he had just gone to the bathroom to get the massage oil.
I shook my head, “-No! Not this! This is wrong! I can not do this!
My brother grabbed my head, ”-You don’t want anyone to know about us, do you? If you really don’t want to do this, I’ll stop him and throw him out, but then we have to face the consequences when he tells his mother! I expect he’s finished in ten minutes, max!”

“-This was wrong! How could I! How could my brother allow …..? Ten minutes max, hmfr!” I muttered to myself in the car on my way home three hours later, with a sore ass, with sperm dripping out of both my pussy and ass, and from my chin, I now discovered in the rearview mirror.
I received a text from my nephew the same evening “I promise not to tell.”
I was angry with them for a while, he simply used me and my brother had allowed it. And then I came to think that my brother was probably as nervous as me for Jake to tell his mother.
I started thinking more and more about what happened that evening. I had my first threesome at the age of 45, and my own nephew was actually my first anal experience.

Next Wednesday when I was on my way to my brother’s house, I actually hoped that my nephew was home too.

– Are you sure about this dear?- The poor boy …

– Are you sure about this dear?
– The poor boy is 25 years old and still a virgin! He should not miss out on such things because your sister and her cult husband are in this religious thing. It’s bad parenting!
– Yes, but am I the right person to ..?
– Who is better suited to teaching him such things than his dear aunt! You don’t mind that, do you, Jake?
– No, of course not uncle Mike! Can I put it in there now?
– See, he’s a game!
– Okay okay, calm down Jake, we have all night!
– That’s my girl! You teach him the basics while I take a shower! Then I’ll pick up some beer from the fridge and I join you two, and I teach him how to make his aunt scream!


Every morning the last week my aunt and I have taken a refreshing morning swim in the fjord down by our summer house.
Yesterday we dared each other to do skinny dipping. Today we did the same, it was not as embarrassing today as yesterday, after 10 minutes we heard my mother shout out: Breakfast!
We got up from the water, I dried my hair when I felt something and looked down:

I got a boner right away, she held it maybe for 10-12 seconds before she turned, collected her clothes and went up to the house.
I did not say a word during breakfast, I did not even dare to see her in her eyes. When we were almost finished eating breakfast, my aunt asked my parents if it was okay for us to borrow the boat today, so I could take her fishing on the other side of the island.
…..And my boner was back.

“- Okay, I’ll ask him! Jake, I’m o…

“- Okay, I’ll ask him! Jake, I’m on the phone with your mom. The plane is late so they can not pick you up until really late tonight. Or is it okay for you to stay here with me until tomorrow?
Okay! Looks like Jake is ready for bed, see you tomorrow sis. Bye!

My drunk aunt sent me selfies from the bathroo…

My drunk aunt sent me selfies from the bathroom, while I sat down stairs in the living room next to my uncle, her husband playing cards.
I could not just excuse myself and say that I had to go to the toilet, since my uncle knew that my aunt was already there.
From the moment I did everything I could to get my uncle so drunk that he had to go to bed. Before my aunt fell asleep, or came to her senses.


I watched tv with my uncle when my aunt got out of the bathroom after taking a shower. She sat down on the sofa next to me and she started applying cream on her legs. Suddenly she put one leg in my lap and wondered if I could massage it while we watched tv.
The feeling of rubbing on my aunt’s soft bare skin gave me a boner, I covered it with my arm while I massaged her so nobody would discover it. I did not dare to see anywhere else than on the tv.
Suddenly her foot touched my penis. It was a lovely feeling, I just continued to massage so my aunt would not discover it and move her leg.
I thought my penis would explode in my pants, I started to get nervous that my aunt could feel my pulsing boner through my pants, so I moved her leg a little bit. But my aunt moved a little and the leg returned to the same place. I did not dare to move my eyes from the tv.
I sat completely quiet for a few seconds before I tried to move her leg again. It was so cramped in my pants that it was uncomfortable. But a few seconds later, the foot was back. I tried to concentrate on the tv.
I could not keep it longer, I had to go to the bathroom to jerk off.
I turned to ask aunt to move her foot so I could go to the bathroom.

OMG! She knew! She did it on purpose! I looked at my uncle who looked at the tv with a beer in his hand, I looked back at my aunt who just smiled at me. It was cramped in my pants before, and it was not any better now.
My eyes shifted quickly between my aunt’s eyes and her pussy many times and sometimes on my uncle who did not see what happened.
Suddenly she made a little nod with her head like: Want to go up?
I nodded nervously, not sure what happened.
She then covered herself again:
– Donald, I take Jake upstairs and show him where he should sleep, and find some sheets for him!
– Okay, you need help?
– No, Jake can help me!
– Okay, but be quick, your favorite show starts in 15 minutes!

Since this was my first time, we were back down again well before the show started on tv.
This became the best summer I can remember. With a quickie or two with my aunt almost every day when we felt it was safe. But the climax was the last day before I went home again. My uncle started work again and we had the house for ourselves for 9 hours, we spent 8 of them in her bed.

I never thought walking in on my aunt using th…

I never thought walking in on my aunt using the toilet would turn me on, but it did.