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Saturday morning

– Morning mom, is dad up?

– Not yet, maybe you could go up and ………
oh my god. Why are you naked Jake? No wait, what are you doing? Your father is upstairs!

– Oh yes, you know I love it when you do this Jake, but you have to stop. I have to make breakfast for your father and send him off to work.
– But I can’t wait mom, I’m so horny!
– Okay, but just a quickie, I reckon I can spare 5 minutes before I wake up your father!

He must be really horny when he can not wait for 30 minutes. He knows that we have the whole house for ourselves after his father has gone to work.

Me and my misses woke up to some strange sound…

Me and my misses woke up to some strange sounds from below, it sounded like a injured cat or something. We don’t own a cat.
We sneaked quietly down the stairs, me armed with a golf club and my wife walked behind me.
We followed the sound, and we were quite shocked when we entered the living room and found our daughter, she had come home drunk from a party, and certainly horny, and she decided to take a spin with her dildo right there on the couch in the living room. And her moaning actually sounded like a cat.
I must admit that the sight of this turned me on, but when her mother walked up to her and decided to help her, I exploded.

As always at this time on a saturday night I h…

As always at this time on a saturday night I have the house for myself. My daughter spends the weekend with her boyfriend and my son is out with his buddies.
So I do what I always do on Saturday nights. I take a glass of wine, go up to my bedroom, put on some sexy underwear, find my dildo, put in a movie from my ex-husband’s pornstash and I have a good time.
But I was not alone home tonight, 10 minutes into the movie the door suddenly opened: -Mom, where’s my?…….
I froze. There in the reflection on the tv I could see the silhouette of my son in the light from the hallway in the doorway behind me.
He did not say a word, I did not say a word. But he did not go, I figured he was in shock.
I thought this situation had two possible ways now, either I would be extremely embarrassed about this for a long time and maybe unable to see my son in his eyes for a long time. Or I could make him embarrassed by the situation. Yes, I would have the upper hand, and I could mess with him later that he tried to see his mother naked.
So I spun around against the door, in the same position as I was when I saw the movie.
-Can I get some privacy? Or did you plan to help me out? Either way, shut that damn door!

Well, that did not go as I planned. But it’s nice to have a movie night in bed with my son every night his sister is out. Sometimes we do not even have time to put on a movie 🙂

My dad is wondering if it’s not time for…

My dad is wondering if it’s not time for me to get me a girlfriend and start thinking about moving out.
Why should I do that when I wake up to this every morning.
“Time to wake up sweetie, you don’t want mommy to finish without you, do you?”

When a man take you home after the party, and …

When a man take you home after the party, and you find out why he still lives with his mother.

I am so grateful and love my son.He has really…

I am so grateful and love my son.
He has really helped me a lot, and he has stepped up and become the man of the house in several ways after his father moved out.

A lady who gets divorced in the early 40&rsquo…

A lady who gets divorced in the early 40’s is horny all the time, believe me.
And since I don’t have much time for dating, I have become a diligent user of internet porn.
With a hormonal teenage son in the house with a constant erection, mother-son porn has actually started to turn me on. Don’t get me wrong, I would never try to seduce my own son, but these videos with mother and son who can’t hold back their drives, and sexual feelings for each other, turn me on.
This was such a day, the kids were at school, I had done most of the housework, and I sat down with a cup of coffee and my laptop to pay bills. But I had to check tumblr and one of my favorite sites had posted a new video with a story about a mother and her son who had to share a hotel bed.
I know they are not real, given that mom and son are at the same age, but it’s the stories I like. (And I’m not a pedophile).
In the middle of the video I just had to do it, I put down my coffee cup, unbuttoned my pants, and stuck my hand down in my panties.
Was there something wrong with me? There I sat, in the middle of the day, at the kitchen table, waching porn while I fingered my clit.
But my problems had to wait, the son in the video told his mother he was close and his mother told him he could not come inside her. She lay down on her back on the bed, and her son pulled out and came over her belly and tits. So hot, I was so close, my cunt was so wet it made a noise every time my fingers went inside. The son bent down, gave his mother a kiss and said “I love you mom!” and she replied, “I love you too son!”
Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder -I love you too, mom!

Let’s just say that the part of the story I’m willing to share, ends here.

Sometimes when I’m at the pub, it can ge…

Sometimes when I’m at the pub, it can get a little much. And I always have to have a last drink before bed when I get home, but I fall asleep on the couch. But I often wake up the next morning in my own bed like this.
Considering that it’s only me and my son who lives in this house, I don’t say anything, I just take my morning-after-pill, and pretend like nothing.

Every time our nephew is babysitting, I leave …

Every time our nephew is babysitting, I leave the party a while before my husband. I like to pay him in my own way before I send him home.

Let’s see, cake, card, and mom alone top…

Let’s see, cake, card, and mom alone topless with a glass of wine, waiting for me.
Looks like dad chose to work late on their anniversary again.
Looks like I have to step up and be the man of the house tonight. I love when mom is so angry with my dad that she wants revenge sex.