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So my nephew woke up and walked in on me naked…

So my nephew woke up and walked in on me naked, jerking off his father on the couch last night. Fearing that his was going to tell his mother I panicked, and I told him I could do him too, if he wanted.
I heard how wrong it sounded the moment I said it, and regretted it. An old aunt offer to jerk off her 17 year old nephew. But he pulled down his boxer and sat down on the couch next to his father.
His father nodded a “well, better than he tells his mother, I guess” nod to me.
I grabbed his cock and I began to jerk them off at the same time.
Already after 10 seconds my nephew began to moan and I realized he had not long left before he came. I expect this was the first time a lady touched his cock.
I assured him that when he was finished he would go to bed, and I would go home, and we would never talk about this again.
He nodded, but then he did something unexpected, he stretched out his hand and placed it between my thighs, he squeezed, and a finger slipped inside me. I caught myself letting out a loud moan. It felt so good.
I looked at his father with a “What now? This is so wrong” look. He sat up, placed a hand on my shoulder, and he started pushing my head down against my nephew’s lap. 1000 thoughts went through my head as I opened my mouth and my nephew’s cock disappeared inside, while his father positioned himself on his knees behind me.
Now I’m in the car on my way home, and can not believe what just happened. I just stopped by tonight to tell him that the kiss we shared at the party last weekend was wrong and that it could not happen again. He agreed, but he had to admit that for a long time he had fantasized about me and always dreamed of seeing me naked. The least I could do was let him see me naked I thought. But when he began to jerk off in front of me, I offered to help. And that’s when my nephew came in.
Now three hours later I’m sitting in my car on my way home, with my nephew’s sperm dripping out of my pussy and his father’s sperm dripping out of my ass. And I’m already looking forward to the next time my sister and my husband work night shift the same night.

When my son came to me with a question about g…

When my son came to me with a question about girls and sex before his big date tonight, I decided to teach him the basics.
Afterwards he canceled his date and said he would rather spend the night with me. He said we could see a movie or “something”.

If you dont want dad to know what I saw last n…

If you dont want dad to know what I saw last night I suggest you just keep going mom.

Me waiting quietly down the hall, while I list…

Me waiting quietly down the hall, while I listen for my son to come out of his room, so he can accidentally catch me naked in the stairs on my way to the bathroom, again.

What goes through my head when my wife meets m…

What goes through my head when my wife meets me at the door and says: “Hey dear! How was your weekend with your mother?”

Every Wednesday and Friday at lunch I lock the…

Every Wednesday and Friday at lunch I lock the door to my office and I call my son. He has one hour free class for private study then, and he runs back to the dorm and he wait for my call.
It all started one evening after I had an argument with his father, and I called him for a chat after a bottle of wine. He had just arrived home to the dorm after a party, and gone to bed when I called. He went into the bathroom to chat with me not to wake up his roommates. He was drunk, horny and naked, and after a while he began to jerk off. I heard sounds that suspected it and I asked him straight out, and he actually answered honestly; “Yes!”. My panties came straight off. and 15 minutes later we both said “I love you!” completely out of breath after a powerful orgasm, and we hung up. I actually think he came twice.
I have to say I’m excited to meet him when he comes home for the holidays. It’s actually the first time we meet in person after we started this 3 months ago.

Saturday morning

– Morning mom, is dad up?

– Not yet, maybe you could go up and ………
oh my god. Why are you naked Jake? No wait, what are you doing? Your father is upstairs!

– Oh yes, you know I love it when you do this Jake, but you have to stop. I have to make breakfast for your father and send him off to work.
– But I can’t wait mom, I’m so horny!
– Okay, but just a quickie, I reckon I can spare 5 minutes before I wake up your father!

He must be really horny when he can not wait for 30 minutes. He knows that we have the whole house for ourselves after his father has gone to work.

Me and my misses woke up to some strange sound…

Me and my misses woke up to some strange sounds from below, it sounded like a injured cat or something. We don’t own a cat.
We sneaked quietly down the stairs, me armed with a golf club and my wife walked behind me.
We followed the sound, and we were quite shocked when we entered the living room and found our daughter, she had come home drunk from a party, and certainly horny, and she decided to take a spin with her dildo right there on the couch in the living room. And her moaning actually sounded like a cat.
I must admit that the sight of this turned me on, but when her mother walked up to her and decided to help her, I exploded.

As always at this time on a saturday night I h…

As always at this time on a saturday night I have the house for myself. My daughter spends the weekend with her boyfriend and my son is out with his buddies.
So I do what I always do on Saturday nights. I take a glass of wine, go up to my bedroom, put on some sexy underwear, find my dildo, put in a movie from my ex-husband’s pornstash and I have a good time.
But I was not alone home tonight, 10 minutes into the movie the door suddenly opened: -Mom, where’s my?…….
I froze. There in the reflection on the tv I could see the silhouette of my son in the light from the hallway in the doorway behind me.
He did not say a word, I did not say a word. But he did not go, I figured he was in shock.
I thought this situation had two possible ways now, either I would be extremely embarrassed about this for a long time and maybe unable to see my son in his eyes for a long time. Or I could make him embarrassed by the situation. Yes, I would have the upper hand, and I could mess with him later that he tried to see his mother naked.
So I spun around against the door, in the same position as I was when I saw the movie.
-Can I get some privacy? Or did you plan to help me out? Either way, shut that damn door!

Well, that did not go as I planned. But it’s nice to have a movie night in bed with my son every night his sister is out. Sometimes we do not even have time to put on a movie 🙂

My dad is wondering if it’s not time for…

My dad is wondering if it’s not time for me to get me a girlfriend and start thinking about moving out.
Why should I do that when I wake up to this every morning.
“Time to wake up sweetie, you don’t want mommy to finish without you, do you?”