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Mom can be so mean sometimes. Sometimes on the…

Mom can be so mean sometimes. Sometimes on the beach when my dad is sleeping, or not looking, she turns like this to me. Just to see how fast I get a boner and see me having trouble hiding it.

“………. and if I do t…

“………. and if I do this you can see the little lump there? That one yes! That is…..Touch it? Well, I guess you can…..put your finger on it, you may feel it getting bigger?…….and harder, yes! That means the girl likes it, it’s called…………!”

I was a little embarrassed when my mom said it was about time we had “The Talk” But this is fucking amazing.

”………. and if you move your finger down between the lips you can …….. yes it’s getting wetter down there, I know. That actually means that the girl is starting to get horny!  What it tastes like? ……. “

I was going to sleep over at my best friend Ji…

I was going to sleep over at my best friend Jim’s house for a gaming night.
Mom drove me over after dinner on Friday, and since my father was on a business trip this weekend, mom did not say no when Jim’s mom invited her in for a glass of wine.
A couple of hours passed and it was completely quiet in the house. We thought my mom had gone home and Jim’s mom had gone to bed.
So we decided to do what was the plan all the time. Jim put on the porn movie from his father’s nightstand. I’m sure we’ve seen it 100 times. We lay naked in bed and we started jerking each other..
We are not gay, but both of us are still virgins when it comes to girls and we just like to jerk off together and each other.
We have experimented a lot, but neither of us liked to go farther than to jerk off each other. We’ve decided that it’s okay between buddies, more than that, it’s gay.
We were really surprised when the door suddenly opened. -What are you two doing? It was our mom’s who came to say good night.
We were unable to cover ourselves since the sheet was on the floor. Jim’s mom went to the computer and stopped the movie. We were scared and embarrassed, what would they say?
-Relax, we’re not mad, it’s quite normal for friends of your age to explore a little! Jim’s mom said.
-I just hope you are using protection if you have sex together! my mother added.
We both shook our heads and muttered “-No sex!”
Jim’s mom suddenly grabbed my mom’s breasts from behind. -Do you remember when we were at their age? No boys could give me an orgasm like you! My mom blushed and smiled. Jim’s mom moved her one hand into my mom’s pants and the other up under her sweater and started kissing her neck.
My mom moaned and led a hand behind her and up under Jim’s mom’s skirt. Jim’s mom opened my mom’s jeans and they fell on the floor. It seems they had not stopped with one glass of wine. I looked over at Jim, he had started playing again with his cock while staring at his mother’s fingers that went in and out of my mom’s pussy.
It seems like our mothers had forgotten where they were for a moment, but suddenly they snapped out of it, they stopped and looked at us. There we sat, two teenage boys jerking off as mad as we stared at my mom’s pussy.
-I think they like what they see! Jim’s mother said. -Let’s give them a real show to jerk off to!
Before mom got to answer, Jim’s mother had pulled up her sweater, pushed her down on the bed between us, and pulled her pants off.
There lay my mom naked beside me, with her big delicious breasts 5 inches away from my stiff cock. Mom looked up at me uncertain, but before she could do anything, Jim’s mother had taken off her dress, and she plunged down between my mom’s thighs and started licking. I think I was still in shock and did not know quite what to do, but when I saw that Jim had his cock in one hand, and my mom’s right breast in the other, I had to do the same. I grabbed my mom’s left breast and squeezed it while jerking off.
When my mom asked us to come further down in the bed, and she grabbed our penises and began to jerk off both of us, I exploded all over her stomach while I squeezed her breast with both hands. Damn it was good.
But then mom let go of my penis, turned to Jim and took his cock in her mouth, I felt I got jealous. But then Jim’s mom grabbed me and asked me to take her place, she pushed my head between my mom’s thighs and she told me to use my tongue. My mom did not notice that we had changed places, she was too busy with Jim’s cock. So she was a little surprised when Jim’s mother began to kiss her on the cheek and someone was still licking her pussy.
Jim’s mother kissed mom on the cheek, then her mouth, and then she actually took over sucking Jims cock. -Let’s switch! she said. Mom looked down at me. I looked up at mom, with her clitoris between my lips. No chance that she is willing to ….
She pushed me over on my back and put my penis in her mouth. I closed my eyes and enjoyed it as my mom actually sucked my cock as my friend was sucked by his mother next to me.
After a couple of minutes, Mom stopped sucking me and she began to moan. I opened my eyes and Jim stood kneeling behind her with his cock inside her.
I did not really have time to be shocked before I felt something warm and wet squeeze around my cock. It was Jim’s mother who slowly sat down on my cock. As she pushed herself down the last inches, she moaned -Oh my god he’s big! I grabbed her tits and let her ride me. I was so close when she suddenly stopped, she started trembling and shouted out -Fuck me, I’m coming! Oh my god Lisa, your son actually gave me an orgasm! She jumped off my still hard cock and gave it a kiss on the tip, I was so disappointed (was it over?) She lay down next to my mom, stroked her breasts for a while while Jim fucked her from behind.
Suddenly Jim’s mom spread her legs, looked at Jim and said, -Come here baby! Come play with mom, I know you want to!
We all looked at each other a little shocked. Jim slowly pulled out of my mom, and crawled on his knees, almost paralyzed, slowly between his mother’s legs.
I stared at my mom for a long time, waiting for a “-NO!” or she running out of the room.
The last thing I remember from that night is me on my knees with my cock pointing against my mom’s ass, standing in the air in front of me, while I hear the splashing sound of Jim fucking the hell out of his mom’s wet pussy behind me.

We did not drive home again until Sunday morning, just before my dad came home. I remember mom used the whole car ride to make me promise not to mention what happened this weekend ever, and the consequences if this came out. She started bable about police, jail, dad will kill us, etc.
I was afraid mom had become paranoid and I answered loudly and annoyed, -I got it mom, this weekend never happened!
-Good, good! You see your father is going to LA on the 26th at a seminar, so I thought maybe to invite Lisa and Jim over that weekend, if it’s okay with you!
I think my face gave her an answer. She put her hand on my thigh and smiled, -I know it’s a while for that weekend, but we can have some fun together when we’re home alone, right?

I looked through some old pictures we had in a…

I looked through some old pictures we had in a box in the attic. When I saw this first picture that I did not know my husband had of me, I had to run down the stairs and check my phone.
I can not believe that the picture my son made me pose for last night was almost identical to what his father made me do almost 20 years ago.

It’s almost fate. Now I have a picture of me that night we got so horny that we for the first time forgot the condom, and my son was conceived. And I have a nearly identical picture of me when I got so horny that i let my son come inside me without a condom for the first time.

I never forget that night I woke up from a rea…

I never forget that night I woke up from a really wet dream with my son between my legs, already inside me.
I was so horny that I decided to let him finish.
He was so good that I actually got a powerful orgasm as he filled me with his hot cum.
He then pulled out and jumped back to his own bed. Maybe my own fault when I sleep naked even if I share a room with my teenage son. The next morning he behaved like everything was normal. I began to think maybe I dreamed it, but the sperm that still flowed out of me the next morning indicated that I was not dreaming it.
I actually think he was sleepwalking that night, so I decided not to mention anything to him.

– Hi honey!- Hello dear, you’re home ear…

– Hi honey!
– Hello dear, you’re home early!
– Yes, a client canceled, so I drove right home! I thought maybe we could continue what we were unable to finish this morning, your sexy ….!
– Not now dear, Jake is at home!
– So early?
– Yes he had a half day at school today, he just ran up to change!
– Change? Why?
– He was helping me with dinner and he spilled something on his pants!
– Typically Jake!
– Yes, but do you think you can keep an eye on the frying pan for me? I really have to use the bathroom!
– Okay!

I came home late after going to the movies wit…

I came home late after going to the movies with my girlfriend, and I found my mother drunk lying on the sofa like this and my father was sleeping in his chair in just his underwear. I reckon they’ve come home from the pub, would have sex, but was too drunk and fell asleep.
I had plans to run straight up in my room when I got home and jerk off after my girlfriend let me get to first base tonight, but I had some time to look at this as well.

5 minutes later I went up to my room.

And yes, I don’t have to jerk off any more, I don’t think they remember in the morning if my dad came over her pussy last night or not before they fell asleep.

– Mom!- Yes?- Phone for you!- Damn it, now? He…

– Mom!
– Yes?
– Phone for you!
– Damn it, now? Hello! Hello? Nobody there!
– They must have hung up!
– Why does this happen every damn time I’m on my way to the shower?!
– I don’t know mom, I don’t know!

And from that day I always said yes when my fa…

And from that day I always said yes when my father’s new wife wondered if I would like to go hiking with her.

A Saturday night in my house, getting drunk an…

A Saturday night in my house, getting drunk and tricking mom in to a game of strip poker with me after my father has gone to bed.
Damn I love my family.