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Hurry daddy moms pulling into the driveway.

Hurry daddy moms pulling into the driveway.

It’d always been a fantasy of mine. Something …

It’d always been a fantasy of mine. Something I’d always touched myself and thought of……until the day my Father and a few of the guy’s he worked with made it a reality.

“Please daddy, just a quick one before I have to get ready for…

“Please daddy, just a quick one before I have to get ready for school??”

I just can’t say no to my baby

i always make sure my princess gets her daily dose of protein

i always make sure my princess gets her daily dose of protein

princestadiaries: Daddy makes the best breakfast


Daddy makes the best breakfast

princestadiaries:Is there a better view than watching your…


Is there a better view than watching your daughter’s ass bounce up and down on your cock?

“I’ve been a very good girl, daddy. I’ve kept my toy in all day…

“I’ve been a very good girl, daddy. I’ve kept my toy in all day just like you asked and now I want my reward”

Everyday when I get home from school I immediately jump on…

Everyday when I get home from school I immediately jump on daddy’s lap and he gives me a really fun ride until he fills me with his “daddy cream”

Daddy says he’s so proud of me when I can take his whole love…

Daddy says he’s so proud of me when I can take his whole love stick in my mouth without gagging

A family vacation


Warning!: This story includes extreme taboo’s/fetishes and
is NSFW. You have been warned

My name is Charlie and this is the story of how one vacation
with my family changed my life forever. Enjoy!

Like I said, I’m Charlie. I’m 21 years old, 6’3” 210 pounds.
I stay active playing intramural sports at college and working out on a regular
basis. I also get regular “cardio” since I seem to be popular with the women
around here thanks to my body and 7.5 inch, thick cock. I’ve got one younger
sister, Marissa. She’s 16 and sexy as hell. She’s always got guys hanging on
her, asking her out and trying to get in her pants but as far as I know none of
them have been successful. I think she’s “saving herself” or something. I won’t
lie, I’ve snuck into her room and looked at her bra size. She’s got full, perky
34 B’s, a slim waist, and a butt Kim Kardashian is jealous of. Her hair runs
down to the middle of her back in a cascade of auburn/brown and her eyes are a
color to match. She really is a sight to behold, even though she is my sister. Our parents (John and
Cindy) are still happily married after 20 years. My mom is a yoga instructor
and she’s convinced dad to join one of her classes. As a result both of them
look like they’re still in their mid-30’s. John is 6’3” like me but age has put
a few more pounds on him so that he’s filled out more than me. I remember
seeing him naked when I was about 5 years old. He was getting out of the shower
and his penis was flaccid but I still remember it being large. I haven’t seen
it since but if my size is any indication then he’s well endowed. Mom is
petite, 5’8”, with 36 C breasts. One other thing about mom is she doesn’t like
wearing bras, especially around the house. Probably about once a week I have to
go to my room and jerk off thinking about her fantastic tits bouncing around.

weeks before I was to go back to school mom and dad sprung the idea of a family
vacation to the Grand Canyon. I loved the idea of getting away but Marissa was
a classic teenage girl and didn’t want to go and would rather text her friends
and lay out in the sun in the backyard, but eventually they were able to
convince her to go. So we packed up and 24 hours later we were on our way! It
was going to be a few days until we got to the Grand Canyon so we were playing
all the classic car games: the license plate game, counting cows, eye spy, etc.
But eventually I got bored and settled down for a nap. I’m not sure how long I
was out but when I woke up the car was slowing down and I could hear mom saying
something about how dad shouldn’t pull over or something like that. Next thing
I know my sister is scooting closer to me and the side door is opening and I
heard a strange voice say

“Thank you mister for the ride. I
really appreciate your kindness. You have a lovely family.”

Dad responded “You’ve got to pass
kindness on to others. I’m John, this is my wife Cindy, my son Charlie, and my
daughter Marissa.” We all smiled in turn and welcomed him kindly to the car.

“It’s so nice to meet you all. I’m
Al” the man said.

The next few hours were filled with
conversation about Al. Where he was from, where he was going. What he used to
do for work and all we could think to ask about his life. He had a few
questions for us about our lives too and he seemed genuinely interested in us.
Nightfall almost seemed to creep up on us we were so engaged in conversation and
we found ourselves miles away from any cities. Dad was just about to turn
around so we could stay at a hotel we saw twenty minutes ago when Al spotted a
little motel off the side of the road. It was a dinky motel with just the front
light of the porch lit, but the rooms were well kept and surprisingly nice. Dad
parked the car and he and Al went in to talk to the woman behind the desk. 2
minutes later they came back out with room keys. One for Al, one for Mom and
Dad, and one for me and Marissa. We unloaded our things from the car and went
off to our respective rooms. Mom and Dad had the room on the end, Marissa and I
got the one next to them, and Al had the one next to us. As John gave Al his
key, Al disappeared into his room and bade us all goodnight. Mom and Dad kissed
the two of us and retired to their room, and I followed my sister into our

Even though all I had done all day
was sit in the car, I was exhausted. I stripped quickly to my boxers, flopped
down on the bed and shut my eyes. “Charlie! Get off the bed Charlie. There’s
only one bed and I should get it!” Marissa whined. Ugh, I was so comfortable! I
didn’t want to give up the bed so instead I moved as far to the edge as I could
get and patted the bed as a way to signify to her that she was gonna have to
deal with sharing for the night.

Groaning and grumbling, my little
sister shut the light off and started undressing down to her panties and bra.
There was a little moonlight coming through the window allowing me to see her
tight figure slip out of her clothes. She was looking so sexy, I felt my cock
begin to grow. And at the thought of my own sister! I was ashamed so I turned
my head and did my best to go to sleep before she noticed anything. But all I
could think about was my sister’s perky tits, her firm ass. The feel of her
mouth sliding down my shaft. No! I couldn’t think like that! She’s my sister! I
was finally able to break that train of thought by setting my mind on baseball
and I could feel myself drifting off to sleep when a subtle moaning entered my
ears. At first I thought it was just Marissa dreaming, but as it went on I
could tell it was coming through the walls from Mom and Dad’s room. Mom was
moaning loud and I could tell Dad was really giving her a hard fucking. Now my
thoughts turned to Mom’s sexy body as I imagined her riding me while I played
with her tits. The thoughts were too much, I just had to get off. So I quietly
got up and snuck out the door after grabbing a pair of shorts. I posted myself
outside my parent’s room where I could clearly hear their lovemaking and began
vigorously stroking my steel-hard dick. I was so turned on listening to them
fuck and talk dirty to each other.

“Oh John! Nngh yes! Give it to me!
Give me that rock hard cock you cuntfucker! Fuck my pussy full of your hot cum!
Fuck me! Fuck me!! Ahhhhh!!!”

Hearing mom use such filthy
language was such a turn on. Precum started leaking out of my cock and dripping
onto the ground as I rapidly neared orgasm, and apparently so were mom and dad.

“Mmm mm yes Cindy! God yes! Your
pussy is so tight! I’m going to fill your belly with cum you filthy whore, take
my big fucking cock!” and with that he moaned so loud I wouldn’t be surprised
if the lady at the front desk heard it as he erupted his sperm into my mother’s
vagina. This must have been the last straw for mom as well because she let out
an orgasmic scream loud enough to match dad’s. I was overcome with sexuality and
started shooting my cum. Rope after rope of hot, sticky cum shooting onto the
sidewalk of the motel. It was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had from
masturbation and it took me a few minutes to come down from the high of it. As
I gathered myself and was ready to go back to bed, I turned around and saw Al.

I mumbled out some lame excuse and
tried to hide my half-hard dick when Al grabbed me by the arm. His grip was so
tight I thought he was going to break my arm. My mind was racing; where was
this guy taking me? What was he doing outside at this hour? Why was he grabbing
me so hard? Then I got an answer to a few of the many questions running through
my head. Al reached into his front pocket and pulled out a key. He slid the key
into the lock and opened the door. My first thought was “Jesus Christ, this guy
is going to get me into his room and kill me.” Then I heard voices. Mom and
Dad! What were we doing in their room? How did Al get a key to my parent’s
hotel room? My head was spinning with confusion as Al threw me onto the bed
with my parents and proceeded to tie all of us, hand and foot, to the bed, then
he left the room.

“Dad, what the hell is going on?
What is he going to do to us?”

He began reassuring me, “I don’t
know Charlie, I honestly don’t know. But I promise it’ll be ok. I’ll get us

Al came back in, dragging Marissa
with him and he tied her up along with the rest of us. A million questions
racing though our brains we all began questioning, yelling, and arguing at Al.
But he silenced us all my pulling out a pistol from his waistband. “Now listen
up, none of you have to get hurt. All you have to do is follow my orders and
everyone will come out of this alive and healthy.” We were all dead silent,
waiting to hear what this maniac wanted us to do for him. “My original plan was
just to sneak into the little girl’s room tonight and take her virginity, you
are a virgin, aren’t you darling?” Marissa looked away and gave an embarrassed
nod. “You son of a bitch!” Dad nearly screamed at the man. But even as he said
it his cock began growing at the thought of his little girl naked and having a
hard cock thrust inside her virginal pussy.

Al continued to pace back and forth
as he revealed his reason for tying us up “But then some new information came
to light that sparked a brilliant idea that I just couldn’t pass up on. I found
this young man spying on you two” he pointed at me, then my parents. I began
sputtering out excuses and denials but Al interrupted and continued with his
speech. “He was spying on you two, listening to you fuck and jerking his cock.
Getting off to the thoughts and sounds of his own parents fucking like rabbits.
Oh don’t be ashamed young man, many kids listen to their parents have sex, but
few get to live out the fantasies they have. I’ve tied you all up so that you
will let me explain my ideas to you, and although I will force you to do as I say, I think that you’ll find by the end you
won’t need any encouragement from me.”

By now all four of our minds were
racing. We all had a pretty good idea of what this stranger was talking about
but none of us wanted to actually say it. Looking back now, I think it’s
because none of us wanted to admit that the ideas this man was putting in our
minds was actually turning us on. Finally Dad managed to ask “What exactly do
you want us to do..?”

Al gave us a wicked grin as he
sauntered towards our captive family. He caressed my mother under her chin then
let his hand fall to her left breast where his forefinger and thumb found her
sensitive nipple, and as he pinched and rubbed it he looked right at me and
said “I want you to fuck.” Even though we all were thinking it, the statement
surprised us and no one moved for a while. Al, noticing our hesitation, roughly
grabbed my wrist and forced my hand to my mother’s now erect nipple. Like I
said, I had been with plenty of girls and I knew my way around a woman’s body,
but in the moment my brain was whirling. My hands fumbled around with mom’s
tits clumsily, clearly not giving her much pleasure. Al could tell she wasn’t
liking what I was doing as well so he untied me. I now had the freedom to move
my body as I pleased and I became more comfortable. I knelt next to mom and got
back into my groove. As I rubbed her nipples between my fingers I looked at
mom. She gave me a look I had never seen her give me. She smiled slyly and even
let out a slight moan, letting me know it was ok to proceed.

With my mother’s approval I bent my
head and took one large breast in my mouth, twirling my tongue around it. This
time she moaned louder and seconds later I felt a soft hand stroking my cock
(which I don’t think I need to say was already hard as steel). I’m not sure if
Al had guided her hand like he did mine, or if she had done it of her own
lustful will, but mom was pumping my cock with long, careful strokes. This made
me redouble my efforts on her breasts and I began sucking greedily on them,
moving from the left to the right, then back again.

Things had begun to get extremely
hot and I had almost forgotten that it was my own mother who’s hand was
masturbating me. Without thinking my hands dropped from her perky nipples down
to my mother’s snatch. As my fingers slipped down I could feel how wet she was
and she gasped in surprise at my first touch. Her sudden surprise cause me to
stop. I looked at her with a worried look, as if asking if I had done something
wrong, but Cindy was too hot to have me stop now. Her hand slipped off my cock.
With her right hand she grabbed my hand and placed it on her dripping cunt, and
with her left she pushed my head down to her breast so I could resume my
sucking. “Just like when you were a baby” I heard her moan as her hands got
back to my penis and balls, stroking and fondling them.

“I think it’s about time you two
did what I brought you here to do.” Al said. I couldn’t have agreed with the
strange man more. My cock was aching to get inside a tight cunt (and at that
moment, especially my own mother’s). I laid Cindy on her back and positioned
myself between her legs, getting myself ready to finally enter my mother’s
life-giving vagina. I was so excited I thought I might blow my load before I
even got to get inside but I managed to hold back and calm myself. Mom was
begging me to fuck her. Literally. She had wrapped her legs around my back, trying
to pull my ass closer to her so that I would enter her pussy with my cock. I
rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy lips, spreading the mixture of my
precum and her juices onto the head of my penis; lubricating it for the most
exciting fuck of my life. Just before I entered her I gave her clit a few
little slaps with my cock. This drove mom into a wild frenzy of sexual desire
and she practically yelled “Fuck me Charlie! Fuck momma! Get that big cock
inside me and fuck meeee!!!” During the last part I granted her wish and with
one motion forced all 7.5 inches of me inside my mother. It was the greatest
feeling I’ve ever had. I stayed like that, letting my cock rest inside her
tight pussy, letting both of us get used to the new sensation.

Ever so slowly I started thrusting
my hips in and out. I couldn’t believe it but my mom’s cunt was one of the
tightest I’d ever fucked. She seemed to be tightening her hold on my dick with
every thrust. I was in heaven. I took advantage of the position and played her
heaving breasts, when suddenly I noticed dad and Marissa were gone. I looked
around the room and was surprised at what I saw.

Sitting in the corner was Al. He
was sitting in a chair, his pants around his ankle and was playing with himself
watching me and mom. Then I looked to the other side of the room and on the
floor was dad and my sister in a 69 position. I was so turned on already but
seeing my pretty little sister slurping down my dad’s cock with expertise, and
dad’s face buried between her thighs pushed me over the edge. I thrust one
final time as deep as I could get into mom’s cunt and began erupting my hot
spunk into her womb. In the heat of the moment I bent down and kissed my mom on
the lips, pushing my tongue between her lips. She hesitated at first but then
opened her mouth and kissed me back in a passionate embrace. My cock finished
squirting cum and started to shrink as I rolled off mom and lay on the motel
bed, panting.

But mom wasn’t done with me yet.
She got down on her knees and took my now limp cock in her mouth and gave me
the best blow job I’ve ever had. Dad was one lucky son of a bitch to have
married a sexy whore like mom.

As mom worked my limp cock back
into its fully-erect self, I took a look around the room and noticed my sister
was on her knees, scooping dad’s cum off her face and tits and swallowing it
all! Then dad helped her to her feet and led her over to where mom and I were
laying. Marissa knelt down on the bed and dad instructed mom to do the same. I
got up to give them some room and got behind mom, cock now hard as steel again
and eager to get inside a tight pussy. Dad joined me behind the sexy women and
smiled slightly at me before encouraging me to fuck my mother. I could hardly
argue with that!! But before I stepped up I took one more look around the room,
Al was nowhere to be seen. It seems he left sometime after I came for the first
time but I wasn’t going to say anything before I had my chance to fuck my hot

I placed my hands on her ass and
licked her slit once before thrusting my hard cock deep inside her in one fluid
motion. Mom let out a little yelp of surprise which quickly turned to moans of
pleasure as my young incestuous dick pounded in and out of her cunt. I turned
to watch my dad and sister fucking. I could see her tits swaying with each
thrust, my mouth watered, wanting to taste her nipples. Both the girls were
moaning loudly and each had their hands on their clits, rubbing them furiously trying
to reach orgasm while they were being fucked by their men. Suddenly I felt mom’s
pussy spasm and I could tell she was cumming. Her pussy clenched around my cock
and I couldn’t handle it much longer. “Mom I’m cumming soon! Get on your knees!”
I said. I pulled my cock out and started jerking off, getting ready to cum on
my mom’s face. Dad must have been close too because Marissa knelt down next to
mom. It was quite a sight, Dad and I jerking off while mom and Marissa knelt
before us, playing with their tits, begging us to give them our cum.

I couldn’t take it anymore. My cum
shot out of the tip of my cock like a shotgun, spraying all over mom’s face and
tits. I even managed to shoot some into my sister’s open mouth. After a few
shots I let the little drops fall into mom’s open mouth. She licked the tip,
tasting the mix of my cum and her pussy juices and moaning loudly in ecstasy. Just
then dad began cumming too. He let my sister have most of his cum, but mom got
a few shots of it too, which she gladly gobbled up. Dad and I stepped back and
sat down in the chairs as we watched the two girls clean themselves up from all
the cum. They helped each other scoop it all up and put it in their mouths. To
my (delightful) surprise they started making out, swapping our cum between them
and moaning. They knew they were putting on an amazing show for us.

My cock was already hard again from
watching but it seems everyone else was worn out, so we cleaned off the bed and
lay down, one big happy family. The next morning we packed up (with a few quick
fucks and blow jobs) and once again we were on our way. Just about the whole
way there and back home mom and sis were jerking one of us off or giving us
road head or we were pulling over to have a little family fuck session on the
side of the road. Thanks to that strange hitch-hiker we had never been closer
as a family and I don’t think we’ll be stopping any time soon.