Author: Love the family

My sister was so into the game that she did no…

My sister was so into the game that she did not notice what her daughter was up to.

Saturday morning

– Morning mom, is dad up?

– Not yet, maybe you could go up and ………
oh my god. Why are you naked Jake? No wait, what are you doing? Your father is upstairs!

– Oh yes, you know I love it when you do this Jake, but you have to stop. I have to make breakfast for your father and send him off to work.
– But I can’t wait mom, I’m so horny!
– Okay, but just a quickie, I reckon I can spare 5 minutes before I wake up your father!

He must be really horny when he can not wait for 30 minutes. He knows that we have the whole house for ourselves after his father has gone to work.



So my mom decided to come up to my room to tuc…

So my mom decided to come up to my room to tuck me in tonight.

I reckon dad is watching a game again.

Me and my misses woke up to some strange sound…

Me and my misses woke up to some strange sounds from below, it sounded like a injured cat or something. We don’t own a cat.
We sneaked quietly down the stairs, me armed with a golf club and my wife walked behind me.
We followed the sound, and we were quite shocked when we entered the living room and found our daughter, she had come home drunk from a party, and certainly horny, and she decided to take a spin with her dildo right there on the couch in the living room. And her moaning actually sounded like a cat.
I must admit that the sight of this turned me on, but when her mother walked up to her and decided to help her, I exploded.

We just caught our nephew spying on us having …

We just caught our nephew spying on us having sex.
I know I should have stopped this before it came so far, but I was too horny and drunk. And our nephew does not seem to mind it. So I just sat up and asked my wife to point her ass in my direction while sucking him.


What’s wrong with me?
I was doing laundry today and I picked up some dirty clothes from the floor in my son’s room. I made his bed and shook his pillow when I found something that was not his. It was one of my used panties. I was a little uncomfortable, but I guess that’s what teens are doing right?
I put it in the laundry basket and went into my daughter’s room to put her clean laundry in her drawer. Her drawer was quite full so I had to push down the shirts to close the drawer. But when I pushed, her shirts suddenly started moving and a buzzing noise came from the drawer. I lifted her clothes and there was a natural size dildo vibrating his way between her shirts and skirts.

I turned it off, closed the drawer and went down to the kitchen, I needed a cup of coffee.
My son is sniffing my panties while he is jerking off, and my daughter is banging a dildo that is actually bigger than mine.
It seems like only yesterday that I taught them to ride a bike.
I tried to do more housework, but I just could not get the panties and the dildo out of my mind.
I actually started to get turned on. And then a crazy idea came to me, I don’t know what came over me, I looked at the clock. Yes, two hours till they get home.

I went to the washroom, took the panties I found under my son’s pillow. Went to my daughter’s room and fetched the dildo, and went into my own bedroom. I stripped naked, put on my panties from my son’s room and brought my daughter dildo to bed.
30 minutes and two orgasms later I got dressed again, and on the bed lay my panties and the dildo, both full of my pussy juice.
I’m guessing a normal mother would have stopped it there, washed the dildo and put it back, and threw the panties to wash.
But not me, I put the soaked panties back under the pillow, and the dildo back in the drawer, both infused with my pussy juice.

Now it’s late night, and both my son and my daughter have gone to bed. Knowing that my son right now is smelling my pussy juice while jerking off, and my daughter masturbates with a dildo with my pussy juice on, drives me crazy.
Just look!

I really miss the time when I was younger and …

I really miss the time when I was younger and spent the summer together with aunt and uncle at their cabin.
Me and my cousin used to get up before sunrise, and we took the boat to the other side of the lake, and we stayed there almost all day there “fishing”.
We never caught anything except a cold.

Okay, teaching my brother how to eat pussy is …

Okay, teaching my brother how to eat pussy is probably the best thing I’ve ever done.
It pays me back every time our parents are not home.

-Oh shit, mom’s couch!-Dont worry, I got…

-Oh shit, mom’s couch!
-Dont worry, I got it!
-You must practice your aiming Jake, or we may have to do this in your bedroom!
-I know, but this is more exciting!
-I agree! And I’ve told you before, I’m on the pill so you can come inside me if you want!
-I know, but I feel it’s wrong in a way!
-Really? You’re fucking your own sister on the couch every time mom takes a shower, I dont think if you come inside me makes it more wrong than what it already is! And by the way, it’s not you who have to take a shower every time mom comes back down again!