Author: Love the family



– Hi honey!- Hello dear, you’re home ear…

– Hi honey!
– Hello dear, you’re home early!
– Yes, a client canceled, so I drove right home! I thought maybe we could continue what we were unable to finish this morning, your sexy ….!
– Not now dear, Jake is at home!
– So early?
– Yes he had a half day at school today, he just ran up to change!
– Change? Why?
– He was helping me with dinner and he spilled something on his pants!
– Typically Jake!
– Yes, but do you think you can keep an eye on the frying pan for me? I really have to use the bathroom!
– Okay!

OMG! Just arrived at my aunt and uncle’s…

OMG! Just arrived at my aunt and uncle’s house and met my cousin I have not seen since last summer on the terrace.
Last year, she was running around with braces, glasses and “Hello Kitty” t-shirts.
If she asks me to play doctor, or “I will show you mine, if you show me yours!” This year too, I will not say no.

She looked a bit uncertain at first.But my wif…

She looked a bit uncertain at first.
But my wife managed to persuade my sister to let me fuck her.
Amazing what a whole bottle of tequila does to people.

My wife has long fantasized about DP. I love h…

My wife has long fantasized about DP. I love her and want to make her happy, but after a few attempts we have come to the conclusion that our marriage will not survive another man in bed with her because of my jealousy. I want to, but the jealousy takes over.
So my wife solved the problem, she invited her sister to bed with us with a strap-on.

My cousin tries to convince me that she is big…

My cousin tries to convince me that she is bigger now and that she can take it. And she wont stop it in fear of pain, like last summer.

I came home late after going to the movies wit…

I came home late after going to the movies with my girlfriend, and I found my mother drunk lying on the sofa like this and my father was sleeping in his chair in just his underwear. I reckon they’ve come home from the pub, would have sex, but was too drunk and fell asleep.
I had plans to run straight up in my room when I got home and jerk off after my girlfriend let me get to first base tonight, but I had some time to look at this as well.

5 minutes later I went up to my room.

And yes, I don’t have to jerk off any more, I don’t think they remember in the morning if my dad came over her pussy last night or not before they fell asleep.

Where are the girls? It does not take this lon…

Where are the girls? It does not take this long to cut some melon?
I walked inside and found my wife and our niece like this in the kitchen.
I guess I’m not the only one who got horny watching our niece, who had forgotten her bathing suit, and had to swim with only her white transparent panties in our pool.
I slowly closed the door and stepped out of my shorts.
2 hours later our niece called her mother and wondered if she could stay here for the whole weekend.

My son has værd quite stressed considering exa…

My son has værd quite stressed considering exams and school lately.
My husband says I have to do this to him when he is stressed, that’s the only thing that helps, so maybe it works on my son too.
It did, I have never seen him so relaxed going to school before. Maybe I should do this every morning?


Every morning the last week my aunt and I have taken a refreshing morning swim in the fjord down by our summer house.
Yesterday we dared each other to do skinny dipping. Today we did the same, it was not as embarrassing today as yesterday, after 10 minutes we heard my mother shout out: Breakfast!
We got up from the water, I dried my hair when I felt something and looked down:

I got a boner right away, she held it maybe for 10-12 seconds before she turned, collected her clothes and went up to the house.
I did not say a word during breakfast, I did not even dare to see her in her eyes. When we were almost finished eating breakfast, my aunt asked my parents if it was okay for us to borrow the boat today, so I could take her fishing on the other side of the island.
…..And my boner was back.