I have never liked these common showers at the…

I have never liked these common showers at these camping places, not before my aunt got into one while I used it.
I have to admit that I may have been a bit fascinated and maybe staring for a while. I snapped out of it when she said, “-I see someone have grown since I babysit you!”
I looked down and discovered, I think my biggest erection ever.
She walked past me on her way out, tapped her finger on the tip of my penis,    “-You should go to one of the toilet stalls and get rid of this before anyone sees you!”
I just nodded nervously and started walking towards the toilets.
“Hey, maybe this will help you finish faster!” She took my hand, placed my index finger between her thighs, and she rubbed my finger a few times back and forth between her lips. She then brought my finger up to my nose and told me to smell. OMG, my finger was warm, it was sticky and it smelled heavenly. Oh god, this was the first time I smelled a pussy.
I was ready to explode, and I would have, had it not been for that we heard someone come in. I ran into the toilet and I came before I could get some paper. So I had to shower again, but I did not wash my hand, I smelled my finger in the bed in the cabin all night. I behaved nervously and strangely around my aunt the next few days, and I showered every night hoping she would take a shower too. And one evening after she and my mother had shared a bottle of wine ,, she did.
After that night I acted more relaxed around my aunt, I even began to join her on her morning swim before breakfast.