msoedipussex: The big game was over. Dad and h…


The big game was over.

Dad and his drunk pals were gone for the night, out downtown probably burning the town down.

Back in the living room, 18 year old Johnny was collecting on his 37 year old Mommy’s lost bet.

After slicking it down with a BJ, she squats her ripe, mature cunt right onto his young, erect cock.

She’d been driving him nuts all game long, with her tight yoga pants and loose-fitting T-shirt (with no bra underneath) as she shuffled in and out getting the guys snacks and drinks.

Now here she was, her firm, naked ass bouncing up and down bareback on his raw dick, her hot snatch flexing her cunt muscles around his throbbing shaft.

This was a dangerous game, and Johnny was about to hit his Mom’s wide open wide receiver.

It was too much for her son…

It didn’t take long before the eager young teen’s dick starts firing off in his Mom’s endzone…


The thick, hot load he’d been saving all game long splashes onto her cervix in triumph.

Mom reaches back as her son pops out, his slick seed seeping lewdly down her leg.

Her team may have lost, but she had won. She slips her son back in as he eagerly churns his baby batter inside her.

Once done deflating her son’s balls, the horny Mother takes a knee and looks in his eyes— her face aglow with the sweaty sheen of post-fuck bliss, giving his cock a congratulatory lick.

His spunk warms her insides, filling her womb. She smiles, feeling the familiar female twinge in her loins.

She’d ovulated over the weekend and no doubt her Mommy-egg(s) were at this very moment getting gang tackled by her son’s teeming young sperm.

In nine months (and by next football season) their family will probably be having a brand new addition to their team…