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“DNA Deposits”

My son’s 18 and I’m 38. He’s hunky and muscular, with a bulge seemingly always in his pants, especially around me, his Mom with curves in all the right places and ripe, child-bearing hips. We’re both at the peak of our sexual drive with natural, hormonal urges to FUCK! With his father always being away, it was only a matter of time before my son was flooding his mother’s womb with his warm, white wads of thick, teeming, teenage spunk. Mmmmmmmm, yeah son— empty those BIG heavy, swinging balls! Fill Mommy up, take over her womb! Paste my pussy lips with your potent seed—claim your breeding rights with Mommy!  

So much of his baby-gravy shoots in me that is oozes out and drools lewdly down the my asscrack. I arch my back, lift my hips and roll my eyes in bliss, imagining my son’s sperm, millions of them squirming, seeking out my fertile egg. What a kinky, thrilling thought! I feel a spasm in my loins, my cervix lapping eagerly at my son’s baby-batter, welcoming his delicious DNA-deliverers into my most forbidden place, the place where he was made! It’s so naughty, but primal and right at the same time. Yeaahhh, shoot it all inside me…KNOCK MOMMY UP, SON!!!



from Oedipus_sex

Thank you for that “pearly” Mothers’ Day gift, son…

-Mom ?

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