notsafeforfamily: My sister has very conflicted feelings for…


My sister has very conflicted feelings for our incestuous affair. She loves me truly, as I love her; but when it comes to coupling, she feels guilty. In the end, she wants me, but sometimes during our love sessions she refuse me abruptly, struck by guilt. Other times, the idea of our incestuous affair was so great for her, that she shouted me she wanted to bear every single baby I can successfully put in her womb.

Her sudden changes of mind have surprised me more than once. She knows and she’s not happy for that. She feels true love and remorse at the same time: from time to time, the one or the other wins.

A few weeks ago, to avoid her own rollercoaster, she asked me to tie her to the bed before our bodies can achieve mutual satisfaction. As soon as I entered her, she asked me to take her with all my mighty. I took my time to make her climax, and to enjoy her delicious curves, then I grabbed her by the neck, forcing her to look at me while I asked her: “So, do you really want my baby? Your brother’s baby?

She nodded, her face showing both the shame and the willing to commit the ultimate sin. A few thrusts later, my cock made fireworks deep into her womb.