incestsecret: My big brother always lets me do stuff that our…


My big brother always lets me do stuff that our parents won’t. He was the first one to give me alcohol and let me smoke a cigarette with his high school friends. Tonight my parents went out to dinner and he told me that he wanted to teach me all about boys and sex. He said once I’m in high school next year the older boys will want me to do everything. I was a little nervous, but I’ve always had a secret crush on my big brother, so I was excited too.

He told me to take my clothes off and wait on my bed. When he came in, he told me ‘I want ALL your clothes off’ and started pulling on my panties. Then he took off all of his clothes too. I didn’t know what he was going to do, but I could already feel myself getting tingly down there, like when I rub against my pillow at night. 

He spread my legs apart and buried is face right in my little kitty! It tickled at first, but then he started licking me slowly, up and down, around in circles – I don’t even know what he was doing sometimes but it felt so so good. I told him ‘Don’t…. stop…’ between little my whimpers.

But he did stop. He started rubbing his thing on my wet little kitty instead, and then pushed it slowly inside me. It hurt! He told me I was being a good girl, that it was only going to hurt at first. The more he slid in and out of me the better it felt, I couldn’t believe his whole thing was fitting in there! 

Then he told me is was time to suck on his thing. It tasted kind of funny, salty and like it smells in my panties, but I could see how much he liked it so it made me so happy. I’m glad it was my brother that taught me how to do all this stuff. I just hope he doesn’t forget about me when he gets a girlfriend…