Daddy I was dressing up in mommys big girl clothes today and big brother walked in and said I was so pretty and started touching me in my special place that you said is just for you and I got all tingly and started breathing really fast and then my legs felt like lightning was shooting through them and some wet stuff shot out of my special place. I was so scared daddy I didn’t know what was happening but big brother said its normal and not to be scared. He was so nice about it! 😊

I’m sorry you were scared, but I’m glad he was nice.  Daddy wants you to feel good down there——if you want to play with your brother or with the little boys and girls at school, you can, princess.  You’re getting to be a big girl now.  Just be safe about it, and know that you can always talk to daddy.

Know that your little holes will always belong, at the end of the day, to daddy.  And if anyone ever makes you feel uncomfortable or if you ever need anything, you just come and let daddy know and I’ll take care of it.